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DIGITAL Speech Therapy Set EN

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The Digital Speech Therapy Set is one of the most modern logopedics instrument, designed for listening and speech rehabilitation, using digital signal processing at its foundation

The basis of DLS is comprised of digital processing of the speech signal, impossible to make with a common (unprocessed) speech and an ordinary computer technology.  A processed speech sound is essential in the therapeutic process of all auditory perception impediments and disorders that are often to be found in the majority of developmental speech and language impediments and disorders.

The digital speech therapy set has become over the past 15 years, standard on every speech and audio-rehabilitator.

The digital speech therapy set for easy handling. The set has already been prepared in advance and stored 55 finished the program which is easily and quickly be activated. Set is not limited nor linked to a rehabilitation method and can be used in most procedures and rehabilitation with any method or method of rehabilitation. Thanks to the various possibilities of filtering and dynamic processing of sound is very suitable in the rehabilitation of various speech disorders as well as in the rehabilitation of speech and hearing in children with hearing impairment (and cochlear implants).

The digital speech therapy set is a computerized device, has two computer processor for audio processing (in addition to the computer is not required).

The sound processor contains the following components:

  • two types of digital filatra: graphic (third octave) and parametric equalizer,
  • dynamic equalizer (0-60 dB), can selectively increase or suppressed for the selected frequency to the response speed of 1 ms (works faster than the human ear),
  • Dynamic Sound Processor (limiter, compressor and expander) with a reaction speed to 1 ms,
  • digital delay (0 to 300 ms), can work in combination with any program,
  • real time analyzer (61 – channel display of the spectrum in real-time),
  • Sound Level Meter (measures the actual volume in the range 40 to 120 dB SPL).


  1. Articulation disorders (dyslalia)
  2. Phonological disorders 
  3. Auditory Processing Disorder
  4. Specific language disorders (dysphasia)
  5. Specific learning disability (dyslexia)
  6. Stuttering
  7. ADHD i ADD
  8. Aphasia and dysarthria
  9. Hearing impairment 
  10. Voice disorders
  11. Therapy in Parkinson 
  12. Therapy in tinitus
  13. Also,digital speech therapy set used in diagnostic voice and speech

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The author of this application and methods is Prof. Dr. Mladen Heđever.

Application and methods are protected by copyright.


  • Computerized device
  • It contains the following components:
  1. three types of digital filters
  2. dynamic sound processor
  3. digital delay
  4. real time analyser
  5. connector for 6 pairs of handsets
  6. USB port for connecting the device to the computer

It’s on sale

NEW MODEL: The Digital Speech Therapy Set – with and without phonomether:

modelDescriptionPrice for Serbia
1. USB-PC model 2019standard model with USB 2.800,00 €
2. USB-PC clinical model 2019standard model with USB and phonomether



2.900,00 €




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Copyright by M.Heđever

Heđever, M. (2010). Digitalni logopedski set u logopedskoj rehabilitaciji. Logopedija, 2, 1, 20-2clanak.